Terms & Conditions


Out of Stock Items

We attempt to keep a very accurate inventory, occasionally items sell out faster than we can update the inventory. In the event you order an item that is out of stock or no longer available, you will be contacted by email and offered the choice of a substitute of equal value or a refund. If you do not respond in 2 business days, you will automatically be issued a refund for the out of stock item(s) and the balance of your order will be shipped. Should you wish to substitute other items after this 2 business day period, you will need to place a new order.


Images and Descriptions

Images are provided as an example of what your item will look like when you receive it.

We make every effort to reproduce our stained glass items as closely as possible however no two pieces of stained glass are the same, making each handmade item from Glass by Knight unique and a one of a kind piece of art.

Images, descriptions and sizes are as close as possible but will not be exact.


By placing a order with Glass by Knight Stained Glass Art Studio, you agree to the above conditions of the sale, returns, insurance claims and etc.