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Commissioning Our Studio

Commissioning a Custom Stained Glass Project for your Church, Home or Office.

You must first decide if you want a permanently installed window or a framed one that would hang in your window opening.
How many windows you want and where they will be placed.

In addition to its beauty, stained glass offers privacy, it can diffuse direct sunlight or hide a unsightly view.
Often a stained glass window can be installed on the inside of your existing clear glass window, leaving your clear glass window in place serves as a form of protection for your stained glass, this does not affect the insulation properties of your clear glass window or add to the expense of buying new framing and protective glazing. Stained glass can be placed anywhere light enters your environment or it can be framed in a shadowbox type frame, hung on a wall and illuminated from behind with artificial lighting.

The design process is a team effort, I will work with you to achieve your site specific needs. The design should complement the decor and architectural style of the room and building it is designed for. I always provide preliminary drawings and glass samples for approval, after the design is decided upon, I create a pattern the actual size of the finished product, this is called a cartoon. I have hundreds of designs readily available that can be reproduced or modified to fit your individual needs.
I also have several photographs of my work and books of stained glass designs that can be used for inspiration. I offer endless design possibilities to help bring your stained glass ideas and dreams to light.
Although window designs differ greatly from commission to commission, my high quality of artistry and craftsmanship always remain the same.

Most of my commissions take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. Windows that require more attention like custom bevels, painting, plating, very large or more than one window, restoration projects that require custom matching and reproduction of the original glass require more time. After the initial design and plans are finalized, I can usually provide a delivery schedule.

Because every stained glass project is unique, each stained glass commission must be quoted on a individual basis. The variables that affect the cost of stained glass include the style and size of the window, number, colors and textures of individual pieces of glass used, amount of painting, plating and bevels involved, style of custom framing and protective glazing, overall square footage and method of fabrication. Cost advantages to commissioning the Glass by Knight Studio are that we keep a low over-head, as a result my pricing is generally lower than other full service studios. How can I do this? My studio is located in my home, I work by appointment only, I don't have employees and I don't keep a large unnecessary inventory of glass and supplies. I make professionally hand crafted stained glass products, which can not be compared in quality to what can be purchased at a retail or hardware store, this combined with my track record and over 30 years of experience adds up to uncompromising quality at very competitive prices.

The creation, conservation or restoration of a stained glass window is labor intensive. I always invite my clients to my studio to watch what is involved in creating a stained glass window.

To get an estimate, phone or e-mail me. After arrangements have been made I will come to your church, home or office, take a few measurements and photographs, go over some designs ideas with you and give you an estimate. If you can provide me with all the information required to design and fabricate your stained glass window I can crate it and ship it to your location.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at (304) 638-2616 or e-mail at

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