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Gallery for the Home and Business/Random Pictures/Classes
 The 2013 Teacher Workshop is centered on Glass and Ceramics in WV. I will be conducting a Stained Glass Work Shop for the Cabell County High School and Middle School Teachers  this summer and fall. 
 This was how I became interested in this medium, in 1982 my Art Teachers Vernon Howell and Bill Meadows had a workshop that was about stained glass, they brought the information back to our class and a friend of Bill Meadows who worked with pottery wanted a small stained glass window in the door of her studio. I designed a pattern and she approved it, I built and sold my first stained glass project. I never thought at that time I would own a stained glass business and having my work displayed in so many Churches, Businesses and Homes around the World. It just seems funny how things happen in life, it's like full circle but I'm ready for another lap.

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