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Color Meanings in Religious Stained Glass

The symbol of charity and martyrdom for faith, it signifies the blood of Christ. A reminder of the suffering and sacrifice of the son of man.

Signifies hope, the love of Divine works, sincerity and piety. It was the color assigned to the Virgin Mary.

Symbolizes faith, immortality and contemplation; spring; triumph of life over death.

Love, truth, passion, and suffering.

Represents chastity, innocence and purity, the hue of God.

Represents death and regeneration. The Black Rose was a symbol of silence among Christian initiates.

Represents power and glory. The hue of the aura or halo of saints, the Gates Of Heaven.

Pale Blue
Symbolic of peace, serene conscience, Christian prudence; the love of good works.

Pale Green
The hue of Baptism.

Royalty; God the Father. Emblematic of suffering and endurance. Christ was believed to have worn purple garments before his Crucifixion.

An emblem of Christ risen; a blend of the Divine Light of Creation and the darkness of sin and death.


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